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Product Overview

Our top tier international technology partner, Pinnacle, brings their proven steel-based solution. Our hybrid, panel + volume system, exceeds International Building Code (IBC) and other construction standards. 

Verde USA brings industry leading, Pinnacle Equipment, as a core technology partner. Its steel frame based system has been utilized in numerous housing and commercial projects, and has proven ideal for extreme cold or hot weather conditions given its superior building envelope and Net Zero performance. 

It can readily adopt to single and multi-story projects, and accommodate a variety of styles and requirements. The system will be combined with other Verde innovations using green, low carbon, energy efficiency materials and equipment to meet Verde’s goal to be a leader in the growing and evolving modular industry and broader construction marketplace. This building technology platform allows us to control our own inventory for competitive advantage vs. other developers that fully outsource off-site unit fabrication & assembly.  


This build product is not sold directly to consumers but works with select prequalified housing developers, builders and industrialized corporations.  Through the centralization of infrastructure, capital raising, the building tech system, Verde USA brings a holistic approach with efficient and effective build process, with a more reliable and differentiated product in this highly competitive market.  

This disciplined approach to mitigate risk throughout the supply chain, we can drive product reliability. This improves project 'time to market', manage total cost to build, and enhance other factors to benefit those that buy or rent projects that utilize our building technology system. We simply deliver a better investment for our Investors and better value for citizen consumers. 

Product Features

  • Tested by International Agencies+
    Proprietary structural cement skin and a structural insulation core. 

  • Structural and Insulation Included

  • Electric & plumbing-ready, Plug & Play 

  • Entire structure made with panels

  • Panels assembled into Volumes

  • Stairs, Decks, Roof and similar also fabricated off-site as possible 

  • No additional structure required

  • Assembled on-site or factory assembled, delivered and placed on–site.

Build Benefits

  • Lower Carbon Footprint and Greener Technology than Conventional Materials Highly Versatile

          Utilized for ANY Building Type from Housing to Schools, Offices to Hotels, of ANY Size

  • Climate Resilient

          Excellent Performance in ALL Weather Conditions

          Highly Effective in Earthquake and Hurricanes

          Resistant to Moisture, Exterior Elements, Rot or Termites

  • Highly Versatile

          Utilized for ANY Building Type from Housing to Schools, Offices to Hotels, of ANY Size

  • Energy Efficient

          Can Achieve Net Zero Structures

          Airtight Envelope, Cuts Heating and Cooling Costs Substantially

          Solar Panels Available Upon Request

  • Fire Resistant

          Basic Panel, 60 Minute Fire Rating

          Can be Configured to Reach 120 Minute Ratings+ Upon Request

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