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About Us

Verde USA is headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, with a planned 2-4 additional facilities to be built over the next four years in Reno, Savannah, and Boise. This is a vertically integrated company that produces construction applications, “from concept to keys”, for the rapid production of high-performance buildings; while actively advancing critical social and environmental goals, innovative green products, industry leadership and quality jobs.​ Verde’s combined product + services allows the company to deliver a highly differentiated model; while lowering lower project and investor risk. 


Our Team

DPFleming Pic.tif

D. Patrick Fleming


Audree Picture1.jpg

Audree M Grubesic


Ty Toler Picture2.jpg

Ty Toler


Josh McShanog Picture3.jpg

Josh McShanog


CDOverbey Pic.tif

Christian Overbey


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